Modern Compact Home Design in 35 Sqm


Have you realized the benefits of living in a small house?  Big houses are really impressive and offer more comfort as compared to simple homes. Of course, the fact stands that everybody wants to experience living in a huge house for a lot of reasons. Sadly fall flat on our faces, not everyone can have that privilege. However, let us be contented with what we have and focus on the article featuring a modern compact home design that will fit a newly-wed couple or a family of three.

A small house can also offer us the comfort and freedom all other house types can offer.  In fact, a small simple two-bedroom house design saves you money that you can expend on other necessities. Furthermore, it is easier to clean, can help build and strengthen relationships and encourages you to live a simpler life.

Picture of Modern Compact Home Design in 35 m² Area


The house in feature is built in a 7.0 x 5.0 meters dimension or a floor area of 35.0 sq. m. Though small, the residence sits proudly with its external façade with a modern theme. The design is in an elevated scheme allowing it to stand higher giving and additional appeal. The small porch with brown marble tiles acts as a perfect entrance to the house.

Picture of Modern Compact Home Design in 35 m² Area

A graceful unit, it looks very comfortable with a glass door and big-sized window glass in the dining room. The entire house shines with pleasantness in a blend of cream, grey and brown colors. Apart from the coziness that the glass offers, the green environment outstandingly brings the house to a different level of comfort. The elevated garden at the right and around the house is more than just being landscape but promoting healthy living at the same time.

Picture of Modern Compact Home Design in 35 m² Area

The rear elevation is also an image of style with a terrace. The space can serve as a venue for family relaxation or informal diner for coffee and quick meals. The exterior walls are also provided with sufficient glass windows in grey aluminum casements.

The exterior walls in all elevations are in with mineral plaster finish with grey shade giving a cool ambiance. Meanwhile, the entire structure is secured by a shed roof in grey colored sheets with a white outline matching the overall appearance of the house.

Although a small residence, the entire house did not fail to deliver a modern character as can be seen from the features, materials and assembly. That’s not all. The pavement with grey tiles all around the perimeter of the house is a revelation of an extra style.


This modern compact home design offers the basic elements of a house – porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, one bedroom, one bathroom and a terrace. In fact, each space serves multiple functions.

Sometimes, size doesn’t really matter. It’s not the area but how space becomes more functional.

Credit to: SamPhoas

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