Contemporary Style One Story House With Two Bedrooms


Are you in the process of buying or building a new family home, or considering a larger one? If you’re seeking extra space for your family while staying within your budget, consider this affordable two-bedroom single-story house option!

If you’re searching for an affordable two-bedroom house design, this option might be a suitable source of inspiration. It is a contemporary, compact house that is ideal for a small and growing family.

Single-story homes are often favored over two-story houses due to their lower cost to construct and maintain compared to a multi-story dwelling. This two-bedroom house is also highly adaptable, allowing for future remodeling or additions of rooms if needed.

As seen in the floor plan below, upon entering through the main door, the first area visible is the living room to the left and the first bedroom to the right.

The living room is linked to the kitchen and dining hall, and the living and dining areas are merged to conserve and maximize space.

The kitchen is situated in a separate room from the recreational areas, and features a door leading to the service area. This space can be transformed into a laundry area or secondary kitchen.

Each bedroom is ample enough to include a built-in closet, an entertainment zone, or a study area for the kids.

Checkout the floor plan of this one story house here:

Overall, this house design has:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 toilet and bath
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Service area at the back

If you’re interested in this design and wish to request the floor plan, you can reach out to us by leaving a comment here. Our architects will be happy to assist you. We regularly post new designs for inspiration, and you can browse our other options or reach out to us for further assistance. Thanks to SamPhoas Plans for this two-bedroom house plan!

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