Modern Single Storey House With Two Bedrooms


Space is beloved by many, as more space creates a more impressive atmosphere. Adequate living space is crucial in offering a peaceful retreat for family members seeking solitude after a busy day at work or school. However, acquiring ample space does not necessitate purchasing a grand, opulent residence. A single-story house can offer the same livable space while being budget-friendly and allowing for multi-functional use of a single area.

Today’s house plan focuses on a single-story design featuring two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a dining area, and a kitchen. It also includes a large garage and a sitting area outside the front of the house.

Upon entering the house through the main door, you are greeted by the central living room, with the shared bathroom and first bedroom located to the right. The roomy living room is ideal for entertaining guests or cozying up with your family for a movie marathon. The living and dining areas are combined to optimize the available space.

The dining room provides views of the expansive kitchen to the left and the second bedroom to the right. The kitchen has a door leading to the service area in the back of the house, which also serves as an alternative entrance to the single-story house.

Take a look at the floor plan of this home:

While it may not match the luxury of a three-story home or mansion, this single-story house includes all the necessary rooms for a family. Despite its compact design, it provides privacy and serenity for its inhabitants without feeling cramped.

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