Winsome Small House Design + Plan


Nowadays, you can easily express your sense of style by having attractive home exterior and interior designs. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned some winsome interior and exterior designs for home. So, have a look at the following points:

Get A Simple Hip Roof For Your Home

If you want to achieve a modern exterior design for your home, you must go with an exterior roof design. So, get a simple hip roof for your home and along with it, you can have elevated textured over it. Moreover, you can unleash your sense of style by painting the whole roof with glossy black colours. You can also customize the roof by installing some glass-made sections for better insulation and ventilation.

Along with it, you can have glass windows and door for your house. And if you have extra space, you can also build an extended section for the open-ended corridor. For having a brightened exterior design. You can have a white coloured cemented floor alongside your home with a linear texture over it. You can also decorate your yard by making a brick-layered footpath. And for the bare area of your yard, you can have a soft layer of fresh grass and you can have colourful outdoor plants in front of your main entrance.

Decorate Your Kitchen With Wooden Cabinet And Black Countertop Over It

Conveniently achieve an elegant interior look and exterior design for kitchen by having a large angular wooden cabinet with black coloured countertop over it. You can have a built-in kitchen oven. And sink over the countertop and if we talk about the wall alongside your cooking area, you can go with lime green coloured texture over there. For other parts of your kitchen wall, you can have a light grey coloured accent wall with a semi-matte finish over it. For the floor, we will suggest going for hardwood texture with a glossy touch over it. In order to make your kitchen brightened, you can also have a large glass window in front of your kitchen cabinet. For the indoor lighting, you can go with paired recessed lighting installed over the floor.

Get Your Living Room Decorated With Black Coloured Accent Wall And Hanging Pendant Light

We have another exterior design for you. In order to accomplish a classy interior look, you can decorate your living room by having a black coloured accent wall. And along with it, you can have a white coloured marbled floor. For the ceiling, you can have ceramic white coloured flat ceiling. And you can have hanging pendant lights installed over the ceiling with floral light covers. For other sources of lighting, you can have recessed lighting installed alongside the border of your ceiling. For sitting, you can go with pink coloured sofa set with soft cushions covered with golden coloured pillow covers over it. For having an attractive interior look, you can also hang some colourful paintings onto the wall. And if you are a book lover, you can go with wall-mounted wooden bookshelf.

Here are some interior and exterior designs for home and we hope that this article would be helpful for you:

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