Vibrant Characteristics of Single Story Contemporary House


Residential architecture has gone too far. In fact, the complex structures, buildings and houses that we see around are the manifestations. As an illustration, consider the vibrant characteristics of single story contemporary house featured in this article. It reveals the advancement in designing.

Contemporary house designs utilize the most effective use of space. It can be an open floor plan or a highly privacy layout of rooms. Nevertheless, the main concern is to look like a contemporary home plan that generates a blend of style and function.

The model house design featured in this article shows a layout of intimate rooms and high ceiling standing in a green environment which is energy efficient. This type of house plan enriches the sense of space for exposed and airy feeling. It also offers a relaxed and contented living every day in the most casual way. The size is a spacious home for 4-5 family members.

A single story house, this residence has a dimension of 14.50 x 17.30 meters with 198.00 sq. meters that represents the building space. The family will feel the values of comfort in this house. In order to appreciate the functionality of the vibrant characteristics of a single contemporary house, the outstanding features are: the terrace, windmill, living and dining rooms, kitchen and pantry, three bedrooms, two units of T&B, electrical room and carport.


The remarkable features of this vibrant characteristics of single story contemporary house design are:

  • Comfortable and casual terrace filled with plenty of natural air and light
  • Flexible and comfortable living and dining rooms with a pair of sliding glass door on the main entry
  • Modern L-shaped kitchen with a butler’s pantry
  • Three bedrooms with individual walk-in-robes as well as a common T&B
  • Windmill at the back elevation
  • External walls made of ceramic bricks and tiles in light brown shade
  • One assembly of hip style roof out of clay tiles in brown color
  • Spacious outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • Beautiful landscaping and access to nature which promotes a green environment
  • Enclosed two-car garage


A functional house plan, a terrace leads to the main sliding glass door on the way to the open layout of the living and dining rooms. The space is also filled with plenty of light and air from windows and a pair of sliding glass door. Sitting in front of the dining area is the modern L-shaped kitchen and a pantry.

Meanwhile, the three bedrooms form a triangle formation with the master’s bedroom sitting beside the living room. The other two bedrooms dwell side by side on the left corner of the design. All bedrooms have individual walk-in-robes but share a common toilet and bath. There is another toilet within the corridor.

The remaining section of the plan is composed of the windmill along the hallway to the back side while the electrical room sits at the back of the carport. The two-car garage owns the corner at the back elevation beside the windmill.

Overall, this residence is a signature of style as well as functionality.

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