Tropical House Plan Designed to be Built in 125 Square Meters


Tropical house plan design is getting huge popularity nowadays. People are actually looking for a tropical house plan design. Achieving an alluring house plan design is not as easy as it looks. There are many things that you will have to consider. We at have come up with some alluring tropical house plan designs for you. If you want to make your tropical house attractive as well as alluring, you can definitely go with the following ideas.

Give Your Tropical House Plan A Hip And Valley Roof

Well, an alluring tropical house plan design is incomplete without a hip and valley roof. You can install a silver-colored hip and valley roof. It will actually give your house a contemporary look. In addition to this, you can have an extended roof in the front and a small staircase. You can have iron or wooden hand railings and glossy white coloured stairs. If we talk about the front door, you can have a glass door with a white coloured wooden frame around it. Apart from these, you can also have outdoor plants in order to make the tropical house plan design more attractive. It will actually add a fresh natural ambiance to your house.

Build An Extended Side Area And Use It As A Garage

Well, when it comes to impressive tropical house plan design, everyone looks for a compact design. We at MyhomeMyzone also understand this very well. Therefore, we will suggest you not build a garage area separately. You can actually extend the roof in the side area and have a garage attached to your main house. You can either make it open-ended or build walls to make it close-ended. If we talk about the ceiling, you can have a rectangular-shaped ceiling. Lighting is also very important. Therefore, in the garage area, you can install recessed lighting. In the front area, you can also have some recessed lighting installed in the ceiling.

Don’t Forget To Give Preference To The Interior Set up Of The Tropical House Plan Design

The interior set up is equally important. Therefore, you must not forget to give preference to the interior set up of the house plan design. Yes, you have heard it right. You can have a hall room in the center and apart from this, you can have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen. For the floor of your house plan design, you can have simple white coloured marbles with a glossy finish over them. In the bedroom, you can have a modern double bed. If we talk about the floor of your bedroom, you can give it a wooden finish. It will actually make the tropical house plan design more attractive. Apart from this, you should also think about lighting. Well, you will not have to go with heavy lighting set up in the case of house plan design. Simple recessed lighting setup will be enough for you.

We hope that these ideas would be helpful for you. For more tropical house plan design, you can see the following images:

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