Tropical Home With Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Living Space, Lush Balcony Garden, 165 Sqm


Architects: Pascali Semerdjian Architects
Year: 2020
Photographs: Ricardo Bassetti

We designed this apartment in São Paulo for a youthful couple, located on a street surrounded by corporate buildings, with the intention of giving it a homey feel.

A unique aspect of this project is the integration of internal spaces with the outdoors through sliding doors. The expansive balcony becomes an indoor living area surrounded by a lush tropical garden.

The preferred gathering spot for family and friends is the outdoor kitchen, sheltered by a glass and concrete pergola.

The centerpiece of this space is a custom-made piece that embodies the idea of “from the field to the table.” At one end of the table is a vase holding herbs and spices that sprout from the rustic wooden top, serving as a functional support.

The original concrete slab was preserved and highlighted against the white walls of the living room, accentuating the individual volumes.

The white unit near the entrance contains a cloakroom facing the entrance door. A wooden shelf lines most of the room’s walls and serves as a bench or supports the TV shelf or record box.

The master suite incorporates another balcony, including a reading area, workspace, and makeup table.

The master bathroom features a white stone bathtub and connects to the balcony through a sliding glass window. The furnishings, which include side tables and a sofa, are a mix of custom designs by our studio and European antique shop finds.

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