Tips to Achieve a Great False Ceiling


Undoubtedly, false ceiling (also known as suspended or dropped ceilings) has gained popularity in Indian homes after proving its potential in commercial set-ups. These ceilings offer a plethora of options in design to elevate the look of homes, offices, workspace and business centers.

There are multifarious false ceiling design tips that can be easily incorporated in different set-ups that can enhance the look of the desired room.

Pre-planning of design and layout

Planning things out is the best way to make sure outcomes are in your favor. Hence, planning for a false ceiling, planning of placement of lights is one step that should be taken care of even though you are planning for a simple false ceiling design for your home.
Different false ceiling designs suit different purposes and geometry. False ceiling’s layout decision offers an opportunity to get prepared for the worst.

Pre-planning of design and layout

Deciding accurate height

To get the volume of your desired space, be it while deciding a false ceiling for home, false ceiling for office, or false ceiling for any commercial space, the height of the room must be considered beforehand. As services like HVAC, lighting, and etcetera take space and it might make the room claustrophobic if the height is not considerable.

 simple false ceiling design for your home

The false ceiling in the kitchen provides an opportunity to make the kitchen look sleek and modernize by hiding all wire work and providing ventilation as well.
Also, according to the theme decided, the execution and installation for the best false ceiling height are one of the crucial factors.


Undoubtedly, the correct amount of lightening at the precise location can brighten your room and make it look spacious as well. So, a reasonable thought must be put in deciding lights’ placements. Correct lighting in a false ceiling holds the power to accentuate the space and make it livelier for people to live or work.

False ceiling’s light placement can be different for various purposes, varying from the false ceiling for home, workspace at the home, office, and etcetera.


Material selection for cost-effectiveness

The design of a false ceiling truly depends upon the budget as there is a plethora of price range available for different material. For example, a false ceiling for home when decided, Gypsum is considered to be a suitable material as it is easy to get molded in the desired shape while for the false ceiling at the office, the metal board is considered to make the ceiling robust.
Some people desire to have a fancy false ceiling in their rooms which might get them to a pricy side of false ceiling setup.
Moreover, while deciding material, practicality along with ambiance and climatic conditions must be taken into account.

gypsum board design

Color palette

The modern false ceiling offers abundant possibilities to choose a color palette based on the theme you are going for. False ceiling for a home can opt for ceilings based on fiction and desired pattern ceilings that incorporate multiple shades while companies or workspaces can opt for subtle shades like white and beige for their false ceiling to provide a clean and professional look.

bright Colour palette for homes


For modern and effective planning of designing, a false ceiling has proved to be a boon in architecture and designing a world as it facilitates various advantages over the traditional ceiling. So, the tips provided can elevate the look of your space ranging from home, kitchen, office, or even home workspace with the best false ceiling possible.

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