Superb Contemporary House Plan of 4 Bedrooms


Everybody dreams to live in an elegant house with impressive design and complete amenities. Additionally, the comfort it brings will be incredible. The ultimate feeling of getting into your dream house like this superb contemporary house plan with splendid interior design will be amazing. Really, I believe that this residence will win the hearts of many once they see this.

Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan of Four Bedrooms

As can be seen, this residence is very splendid and trendy, the exterior architectural details, materials, color choice, and assembly decently express a different level of sophistication. But then, what makes this house a stunning residence?  The external façade transmits a stylish design using clean, and refined contemporary lines. In fact, to make it even more striking, the design burst in an elevated scheme permitting the house to stand higher.

Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan of Four Bedrooms


This house that stands in a usable living space of 162.0 sq. meters has four generous bedrooms and is best for a family of 6-8 members. Evidently, the unit is a haven of comfort as justified by an enormous quantity of glass that supplies enough ventilation to the interior of the building. Moreover, the exterior facade looks dynamic in a fusion of soft and warm colors. In fact, the main façade is dressed in soft colors of cream and light grey. On the other hand, the borders and outlines utilize the warm shades of brown and beige.

Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan of Four Bedrooms

The unit gleams with the following characteristics:

  • front terraces in raised elevation schemes with light brown marble tiles, white painted steel railings; and flat and shed roofs
  • green-tinted front doors, transoms, and sidelites in white frames
  • wall-sized glass window panels with while aluminum casements
  • exterior wall in beige color
  • rectangular column in the terrace with accents of dark grey natural stones
  • base with accents of natural veneer stones in grey shade
  • multiple assemblies of shed roofs at various orientations with grey colored sheets
  • spacious landscaping

Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan of Four Bedrooms


The model house perspective in stunning fashion and style with the bottom perimeter in brown paint.

Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan of Four Bedrooms

The terrace in the master’s bedroom is designed for privacy and is a relaxing viewpoint of the surroundings.


The Living Room

The living room is very tidy and offers a pleasant atmosphere. Similarly, the space shines in dominant cream color from floor to ceilings.

Undoubtedly, the marble patterned floor marble tiles, interior walls, and recessed ceilings are images of glamour. The furniture in brown and a brown base outline give a contrasting shade but still graceful.

The Kitchen

Meanwhile, the kitchen looks very modern and elegant in its simple design. The space utilizes a wood floor in light brown color.

Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan of Four Bedrooms

It has grey countertops and brown wooden cabinets.

The Bathroom

The bathroom also looks cool and pleasant. Like the other rooms, it uses cool and soft colors on the floor, walls, and ceilings.

Indeed, this is one beautiful house that aside from being beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, is also a residence that offers real comfort.

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