Smart Laundry Room Ideas That Are Practical & Space-Efficient


Laundry is an unavoidable household task that many people find boring, but your laundry room certainly doesn’t have to be. Interior designers and home decorators never miss a decorating opportunity, knowing that the key to a stylish interior is maximizing every last square inch of space in your home.

Elevating a laundry room from a purely utilitarian room to a functional and beautiful room of its own will make your daily chores a little more tolerable, no matter how large or small a space.

And because a laundry room is a relatively discrete space in the home, you can treat it either as an extension of your existing decor or as a chance to splash out and take some risks with color, wallpaper, or design that you might otherwise hesitate to incorporate in the main areas of the home.

Whether you are designing a laundry room for a new home, remodeling your current space, or just looking for ideas to refresh your current laundry room, check out these stylish laundry rooms in a number of sizes and styles to inspire your utility room makeover or refresh.

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