Philippines House Design With Plan Details


Philippines house design is very popular nowadays. In this post we will share for you a very cool to the eyes. Which this house design possessed will make you feel relax while living into this place. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, it is a well-suited concept for family of 5 to 6 members. In fact, the total floor area of this design is 90 square meters.

Alluring Design For House

The relaxing and calming view will make living in this place comparable to living in paradise. Consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In fact, this house has enough space to provide a comfortable living to a family of five – six . Moreover, the total square area of this House design is 90 square meters.

In reality, the total lot requirement of this three bedroom Philippines classic house plan would be at the very least 17 by 13.5 meters. Or a total of 244 square meters of lot area. Having a minimum of 1,5 to 2 and the front 2 – 3 meters setback would be recommended just in case of a future change . These conditions would be perfect to build this house.

Engrossing Design For House

By looking at the floor plan we can see that the the main floor consists of a small porch. In fact, you can decorate it with various plants, living and dining area the kitchen. In addition to this, you can have an open terrace at the back, 2 bedrooms smartly placed to share a common toilet. And bath and the master’s bedroom with a toilet and a wardrobe attached. Moreover, the garage is a big plus for the house design, it has enough space to keep your car safe. And why not to hold some tools.

In fact, consisting of lots of windows this three bedroom Philippines classic house design can be well lit by natural lighting. And combined with the open space can provide a good sense. In reality, one of the cutest characteristics of this house are the colors chosen. Moreover, blue with a light grayish mixed with cobblestone enhances the sense of the mix between the classic architecture. And the modern western one. In addition some lamps can be installed in the front of house. And some ground lamps at the back which can expose the best your house has to offer.

We hope that you would like this Philippines house design from the house of

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