Modest Small Wooden House Design


Experience the comfort of simplicity by escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and embracing the peacefulness of a modest small wooden house design. The change from noise to serenity can bring a refreshing change in environment and atmosphere. Break away from monotony and enjoy a cozy living arrangement.

This house design is suitable for either families in rural areas with low income or urban families looking for a peaceful vacation getaway. In either case, it provides a conducive environment for overall well-being.

This design for a small house is uncomplicated yet charming and takes comfort into account given the type of dwelling and its location. It is well-suited for use on personal plots of land. Undoubtedly, having a straightforward home like this constructed in a rural setting can provide stress relief.

Picture of Modest Small Wooden House Design


This compact and charming home is ideal for couples or families of 2-3 members. It can be situated in a garden or near agricultural land for a peaceful and natural environment. Building it in a spacious area in the midst of a field will enhance its atmosphere even more. This simple wooden house design will be a great addition in any location seeking calmness.

Picture of Modest Small Wooden House Design

This small house is designed with a raised floor that emphasizes both simplicity and strength. The structure is mostly made of wood, and the roof has a simple gable design that adds to the overall aesthetic. The front and left balconies are covered by an extended sliding roof. The house includes a balcony and an open interior space that can be used as a living room or bedroom. Adjacent to the balcony is a combined dining/kitchen area and a bathroom.

The external appearance showcases simple L-shaped stairs leading to the balcony, which boasts wooden balustrades and railings surrounding it. The open space within the balcony provides a comfortable area for leisure activities, with ample air circulation.


The interior design of the house showcases natural wooden flooring, walls, and windows with glass painting. The addition of curtains enhances the overall aesthetic of the room, making it inviting. The beautifully crafted wooden door seamlessly integrates with other elements in the house, while electrical amenities are provided for basic appliances and comfort. This small wooden house design exemplifies style, personality, and size.

Additionally, the unit can be easily expanded in the future if needed, based on the growing needs of the family or its intended use. There is ample room for expansion.

The benefits of this compact wooden home design include its favorable location, cozy and attractive atmosphere, eco-friendliness, affordability, and positive impact on health.

The cost of building this small wooden house design is reasonable and budget-friendly. Additionally, its location allows for flexibility in creating an energy-efficient and sustainable home.

Image Source: Pinoy House Designs

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