Modest One Story House With Stilt Concept


Do you have any plan of building a vacation home away from the busy metropolis life? There is but one type this blog would like to recommend – a modest one story house with a stilt concept. Actually, a house on stilts normally caters to houses in coastal or tropical areas. Similarly, they are desirable on lakefront, oceanfront, or hillside properties.

Elevated or stilt houses always offer a lot of unique and lovely designs. In fact, they are often better options due to their ability to provide better scenic views around the area. Additionally, they are best for locations frequently visited by floods. Let us check the remarkable features of this design.


Any type of house has its own pros and cons. Specifically, this design is both aesthetic and practical in nature. You may want a home that will last, and there are perks to raising your unit a bit off the ground.  A simple home design, the entire exterior façade looks very raw and cool in various shades of grey. Moreover, this unit is well ventilated and with better airflow, apart from the fact that the green setting makes this house comfortable.

Picture of Modest One Storey House with Stilt Concept

This house has the exterior walls painted in cream and is provided sufficient glass windows for added ventilation inside. Though small, the elevated terrace looks stunning with grey tiles and steel railings. Meanwhile, the shed roof with matching color offers a touch of grace to the overall exterior and delivers unique style and character.


This stilt house stands in a lot area of 7.20 x 12.00 for a usable space of 81.0 sq. meters. Just like any other house type of any size, the house in feature has the following specifications: terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open car park.

The elevated terrace serves as a perfect entrance to the living room. The dining room sits in front of the living room, while the two bedrooms occupy the left section of the plan. Meanwhile, the back portion of the design has the kitchen on the left and the bathroom on the right. On the other hand, the tiled space on the front left has the carport sitting comfortably.

Indeed, this stilt house will definitely serve as one of the best vacation homes.

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