Modern Single-Story House With Hip Roof Design


You might have listened that natural disasters, along with their other harms, affect the buildings and Single-Story houses a lot. Even in case of flood or weather change, the house exterior and interior get greatly affected. A flood is considered a natural disaster. We cannot avoid it from occurring at all, but we can avert massive damages if we design the houses well.

Dealing with buildings, taking a few precautions, and facilitating flood-resistant and weather-resistant construction strategies can help us mitigate many losses. This Single-Story house design is particularly effective for areas that are exposed to flood. Because it is kept a few steps higher than the surrounding surface. This height is about one meter, which not only makes the appearance more wonderful but protects from flooding.

Alluring Single-Story House

The cozy brown walls of this house give a pleasing look to the cool silver-grey shade of the hipped roofs. The most eye-catching factor is the beautiful triangular hip ends that confront the front lawn of the Single-Story house. Which gives the house a very glamorous look. A hipped roof is a roofing style that tilts downwards from all sides to the walls and hence has no straight sides. The hip roof is the most typically utilized roof style in North America, after the gabled roof. 

While exploring the Single-Story house, you will notice a fine mixture of colours and lights, along with ceiling designs and wall textures. Now come to the point for which most of you people will be waiting for, its living room. In the living room, furnishings and decoratives, in a mix of luxurious materials and elegant colours, inspire things. The black featured wall for LED in front of the couch is the focal point and adds a taste of coziness along with the chunky sofa.

Enchanting Design

Besides the living room, there is a dining area with hanging pendants. Light and white chairs and tables are so simple. Its wall clock and hanging frames are augmenting its beauty. Along with the living room, the sparkle of well-decorated bedrooms with dim-lights and hanging pendants is another reason for the house’s splendid beauty. There are attached bathrooms with bedrooms having indoor herb planters above it give Single-Story house owners access to a lot of fresh herbs to clip.

People mostly love to have vast kitchens with large cabinets, but in this small house, you will love having a medium-sized kitchen. That speaks of its organized order of each and everything in it. There is a stunning black and white combination of tiles and cabinets which give a unique look and a really eye-catching sight. If you visit this Single-Story house, you will fall in love with every inch of it.

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