Modern Family Home Plan With Cozy Outdoor Living


Any house can feel like home if you put the right time, care, and people into it. Fortunately, homes come in all shapes and sizes, allowing us to have some options to choose from.  When looking into buying or building a new home, many families would try to have the largest unit their budget can accommodate. But it’s not always the size that matters. Rather, it’s how you make every square footage functional. See how this modern family home plan uses its space for the maximum purpose.

A bungalow house could be what you’re looking for. In fact, they are flexible for additions where their layout is adaptive to any changes you want. Additionally, its sufficient space can accommodate several additions for your future plans of expansion.

Picture of Modern Family Home Plan with Cozy Outdoor Living


Convenient living pervades this design with a low-maintenance exterior and front garage for smaller lots. The gorgeous warmth of the blend of white, grey, and brown tones coincides well with the surrounding green landscape with verdant trees in the background. Oriented perfectly for a view lot, this house features a simple yet stylish façade using wall cladding with natural stone elements in the corner and pillars that create a gorgeous façade.

Picture of Modern Family Home Plan with Cozy Outdoor Living

This house design also features tall glass elements that complement the classy white exterior walls, brilliantly lit by warm lights.  Meanwhile, the stylish combination of concrete canopy, flat, and shed roofs gives you a fully-featured home without the hassle and maintenance concerns of a much larger floor plan. The assembly with grey tiles and brown wooden gable delivers a charming structure.


At only 7.3 meters wide and 8.8 meters deep it will fit most lots. This structure with 64.0 sq. meters has been value-engineered for affordability. Enjoy the radical good looks that go with this economical building that include the following specifications: porch, living room, dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom. and a carport.

Common to almost small house plans, the internal layout is compact and straightforward to utilize the space efficiently. After a quick walk through the porch, you’ll come to the heart of the airy great room. Here, the living room, dining room, and kitchen all work in concert to form a bright and communal living space. While the living spaces occupy the right side, the entire left section on the other hand, hosts the private zone of two bedrooms. The carport sits comfortably on the right side of the plan.

Overall, this charming design with an outdoor living space dressed with lovely landscaping, a rectangular footpath, and an inviting driveway is absolutely comfortable. The space is functional for outdoor dining and other family-related activities.

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