Modern Three Bedroom House Design + Plan


Firstly, ground floor, car parking is outside of the house. A nice terrace entrance in front of the house with small garden. When we are going from front door, a living with dining table 3.85×6 meters is perfect for this house it is nice and modern. Brightly kitchen 2.7×2.9 meters, it is clean and beautiful. Multi-bathroom 1.5×1.7 meters with washing machine. Bedroom 1 size is 4×4.7 meters with Bathroom 1.7×2.7 meters, Bedroom 2 size is 3.7×4.7 meters with Bathroom 1.7×2.7 meters, and Bedroom 3 size is 2.9×3.8 meters with Bathroom 1.7×2.7 meters.

Similarly, to the roof border color we chose a dark and light color combination with a big glass door and window to get the house looking very beautiful and modern.

Finally, the shed roof is made from cement roof tiles that cover above gypsum board ceiling. It is makes the house look simplistic and modern.

Housing facilities:

– Car Parking and garden
– Living room
– Dining room
– Kitchen, storage, build in cabinets
– 3 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, balcony
– Storage
– Washing room

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