Luxurious Modern Mediterranean House Design


New trends in designs in residential architecture rise to new heights. In fact, the innovations, lifestyle, as well as styles around, are manifestations of the advancement in architecture. In particular, this luxurious modern Mediterranean house design validates the level of modernizations in house technologies. Of course, everybody is dreaming of living in a magnificent house.

Luxury is a lifestyle. When we discuss luxury, the property value is dependent on several factors like location, type of house, and equivalent value. If the property is in the principal setting with an impressive design, the value will be higher. Presently, the house group is shaped by lifestyles, interests, availability, and cost of facilities and amenities within the house itself.

Picture of Luxurious Modern Mediterranean House Design


Specifically, the contemporary house in feature is more than just a luxury house with spacious rooms. Evidently, the exterior façade offers a fusion of style, finesse, and elegance. Similarly, the interior looks splendid with functional living spaces, generous bedrooms, and complete amenities.

The exterior design of this Mediterranean residence exudes grace with a layer of different colors: brown at the bottom, pastel blue on the next layer, light yellow on the next, and dark brown at the top.  The blend of these warm and cool colors delivers a pleasant and magnetic appeal. Additionally, the strength of refined contemporary lines in the entire building is aesthetically pleasing

Picture of Luxurious Modern Mediterranean House Design

Let us enumerate the excellent characteristics of this magnificent residence.

  • stunning and refined exterior façade in warm and soft colors
  • bottom section with an accent of natural veneer stones in brown color
  • prominent pillars in the carport with natural stones on the lower height and concrete in pastel blue and light yellow on the upper height
  • grey-tinted window glass panels with white aluminum casements installed on appropriate locations
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in pastel blue and light yellow paints
  • inviting and comfortable balcony in the upper level with light brown marble tiles
  • a well-defined gable roof with dark brown colored tiles
  • smart and impressive floor plans and layout in both levels
  • distinct carport with pillars and balcony serving as the roof
  • dazzling and pleasant garden and landscaping

Picture of Luxurious Modern Mediterranean House Design

Interior Design – The Dining Room

Picture of Luxurious Modern Mediterranean House Design

The Kitchen


A splendid modern home design, this unit excels outstandingly with the following specifications: porch, balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, and snack bar, lanai, four bedrooms, three bathrooms,  laundry area, and carport.

Picture of Luxurious Modern Mediterranean House Design

A spacious house really matters. The unit stands in a lot that measures 10.0 x 12.0 meters with a usable building space of 240.0 sq., meters for both floors. Take a look at the layout. It’s a very smart and functional design. As can be seen, the ground floor features an open layout that offers a high level of comfort, accessibility, and mobility. The living room sits comfortably as you enter from the porch with the dining and kitchen in front of it.

Moreover, there is a snack bar for quick meal services and a lanai adjacent to the dining room that could also be an informal diner. The ground level also includes one bedroom and a bathroom serving the entire floor. The carport on the right corner is one of the best features of this house.

Meanwhile, the upper level contains the private zone of three generous bedrooms. The master’s bedroom has a private bathroom, while the secondary bedrooms share a common bathroom. Additionally, the upper floor has a stunning balcony which is accessible from the master’s bedroom. In fact, the scenic view of the surroundings looks lovely as seen from the balcony.

There’s more to a luxury home than visual appeal, materials, amenities, and lovely finishes. Indeed, this modern luxury home plan provides a pleasant ambiance and a more contented space for the owner.

Credit to: Cool House Concepts

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