Low-Cost Chic & Beautiful Small House Design

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Single-story houses have become a highly sought-after option for many homeowners. Bungalow-style homes are increasingly prevalent, and the featured house we present today is a budget-friendly yet stylish and attractive design that caters to a wide range of needs, tastes, and lifestyles.

It’s noteworthy that many homes today are on the smaller side. Some individuals choose to adopt a minimalist lifestyle due to the many benefits of downsizing, including lower costs and more savings for other home essentials. The featured house is a single-story design that fits the needs of households with limited budgets.

Despite its small size, this charming and stylish house offers a cozy, healthy living environment. It provides the same comfort and freedom as any other house for its inhabitants.

Picture of Low-Cost Chic and Beautiful Small House Design

Size isn’t the only factor that matters in a home, but rather the benefits it provides for the family. Despite its compactness, this model house boasts impressive features and craftsmanship. Blue World City offers budget-friendly prices for all life essentials, including small, cozy residential plots that are easily affordable and customizable to suit individual tastes and preferences. The developers provide complete freedom in designing and building a house to one’s liking.

• A compact open porch with a standalone flat roof

• A wooden door and strategically placed glass windows with blue frames for ventilation

• Wall covering of soft-colored, irregularly shaped natural marble stones

• A shed roof with a contrasting orientation and gray sheets

• Mineral plaster exterior walls with a cream paint finish

• A charming garden with beautiful landscaping.


The Living Room

The interior design of this house is remarkable and unexpected in a simple home. The entire space is adorned with cream-colored furniture and fixtures, creating a harmonious look from floor to ceiling. This results in a delightful and soothing atmosphere.

The kitchen is designed with a harmonious color scheme of grey, brown, and cream, giving it a delightful ambiance, similar to the living room.

In conclusion, a cozy and charming small house with a beautiful garden and landscaping provides immeasurable comfort and ambiance.

Image Source: Pinoy ePlans

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