Jaw Dropping Modern House With Floor Plans

by AmazingHomes.net

This jaw dropping 2 story house plan has a modern look with 4 bedrooms and total floor area of 2,400 square feet. The ground floor plan consists of the 3 bedrooms (guest room, bedroom and servant room). Garage at the front is open with fence at the side securing the passage between the left side wall. Kitchen has it own storage also provided with 2 toilets.

Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

The second floor plan consist of the master’s bedroom with dresser and en-suite bathroom. There is another living room on this floor and also family lounge. On the other corner is a small pantry area. The 2 other bedrooms has there own toilet and bath. With an open terrace at the left side, this is an area where you can relax and watch the outside lawn.

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