Gorgeous Two Bedroom One Story Residence With Floor Plan

by AmazingHomes.net

A house is an integral part of a family’s life, serving as a physical embodiment of comfort, security, and privacy. It acts as a guardian and the starting and ending point of each day. Given its significance, it is crucial to have a home that truly feels like one’s own. AmazingHomes.net offers a beautiful two-bedroom, one-story residential house plan complete with floor plan and roof deck. While cost is a significant factor in home ownership, choosing a smaller, more affordable, and simple house can be a wise financial decision. Location is also a critical factor to consider when making a housing decision, as suitable locations can be found anywhere.

This one-story house plan is designed to fit on a 10.00/13.15 x 17.00 meter trapezoidal shaped lot. The floor line covers the 10 meter width with 2.10 meter and 1.5 meter setbacks on the left and right, respectively, and a 1.5 meter setback at the back. This layout leaves an extra 50 m² space in front, ideal for future expansion. The features of this beautiful two-bedroom house include a covered porch/garage, a sit-out, a living and dining room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a staircase, and a roof deck. The design complies with legal building requirements.

Designing the interior of this small and simple house is straightforward as there are only a few rooms to consider. The porch/garage and sitout are situated next to each other, while the living room is located to the left of the sitout. The living room has a floor area of 9.60 square meters and the dining room, located in front of the living room, is 10.24 square meters. The two bedrooms are positioned side by side and occupy the right side of the floor plan. One bedroom has an attached bathroom, while the common bathroom is located below the staircase and in front of the dining room. The kitchen, which measures 3.20 x 2.60 meters, is located in the right-most corner of the house.

Picture of Gorgeous Two Bedroom One Story Residence with Floor Plan

This small yet beautiful design offers a stunning exterior. Elevated by three steps from the ground level for flood protection and added height, the design features red floor tiles that contrast nicely with the peach-colored walls. The blue roof provides a harmonious blend with the wall and roof deck colors. The roof deck is an important feature, serving as an extension for family activities such as recreation and functions, beyond what the living space can accommodate.

Size does not have to limit the ability to have a beautiful and stylish home. It’s all about smart design and choosing the right interior concepts to apply.

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