Elegantly Finished 3 Bedroom 2 Story House Design

by AmazingHomes.net

This 2 story house design is 145 square meters total floor area. The ground floor consists of entrance from the front porch, which comes to the living room, open dining room, patio, backyard and downstairs bathroom.

The second floor consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, master bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet with balcony, and two small bedrooms share bathrooms. The small bedroom in front of the house will also have a balcony as well.

Below are some interior shots of the whole house.

The terrace rise from the ground up 2 steps wide enough. Sandy floor, wash 30 x 30 cm ceramic tiles and fire the walls to the two poles. The front door is a sliding glass. Door frame is black aluminum. Green glass shutters cut off the light.

Open the door in the living room to continue until the dining room. The sample house furniture to see the perfect use. Ceiling gypsum is plastered. Ceiling height is 2.7 m. Ground floor with 60 x 60 cm granite tiles wall with wallpaper plaster.

The living room is a three-seater sofa. With armchairs, side tables and coffee tables for casual use. The window frame is a black aluminum frame. Two sides of the sofa Let’s have a big bloom. Make the house look bright and airy.

Next to the living room is a 4-seat dining table. The other half of the table is like a shelf for small storage. Overall neglecting the selves the dining table can hold up to 10 seats comfortably.

Inside the kitchen, the sample house is made up of L-shaped counter tops with a top and bottom built-in storage.

You will see that the kitchen overview has a comfortable range and on the near end is the refrigerator. Over the counter, the sink has large windows.

And doors open to the back yard. The door has a window opening to help ventilate during cooking time.

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