Elegant Contemporary House With a Shed Roof

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Most individuals prefer to live in modern homes because of their stylish designs and functions. In fact, residences like this elegant contemporary house are beautifully designed and fit anyone’s present lifestyle. Specifically, this house is very lovely and at the same time environmentally friendly. The trend in today’s housing technology requires green living for health reasons.

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House with a Shed Roof

Moreover, the good thing about this contemporary house is, its being functional aside from its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the design is very practical and personalized. Actually, it does not conform to any standard design but represents the extension of the ideas of the owner. This specific design gives focus to the smart use of space both in the interior and exterior.


The house in feature offers a reasonable level of comfort. In fact, the location and setting validate the coziness it brings to the unit. Similarly, it has sufficient windows so ventilation and lighting are not an issue. Additionally, the house maximizes the use of natural resources around the house. Moreover, space is utilized proficiently because it has to complement the overall design of the house including its size.

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House with a Shed Roof

As can be seen, the use of strong and prominent contemporary lines is very visible in almost every part of the building which makes this residence incredible. The residence looks very elegant with the materials used, the fixation, and workmanship giving the unit an impressive exterior.

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House with a Shed Roof

The model house is provided with enough glass window panels with dark grey aluminum casements in appropriate locations.

Meanwhile, the exterior walls are treated with mineral plaster finish with cream color and bottom border painted in dark grey tone.

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House with a Shed Roof

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House with a Shed Roof

Visibly, the L-shaped verandah shines outstandingly with cream floor tiles, transparent flat roof, and steel railings both in grey color. Unquestionably, the prominent columns with an accent of natural marble stones in brown shade are a revelation of strength and character. In addition, one of the highlights is the shed roof assembly in opposite orientation which complements the overall elegance of the house.

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House with a Shed Roof


If the exterior façade looks amazing, the interior design on its own is magnificent. In fact, the elegance of the external is communicated to the internal layout, which established consistency. The outside façade bursts in a mix of cream, brown, and grey colors which are so cool. On the other hand, the internal gleams with a fusion of cream, grey, and dark brown colors from paint to furniture and fixtures.

Let us check the stunning interior design and concepts of this elegant residence.

The Living Room

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House with a Shed Roof

The Dining Room

The Kitchen

The Bedrooms


A beautiful design that absolutely will be loved by most households, the specifications include the following: verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and open parking space.

This is obviously one design that uses the space smartly. The design offers a free-flowing concept of the living spaces on the left. Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms looks comfortable on the right side of the plan. The L-shaped verandah simply delivers a perfect fixture to the living room making it very pleasant.

This elegant contemporary house is one design that utilizes the space wisely the offers great comfort and aesthetic appeal.

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