DIY: How To Build A Perfect Wooden Door


If you are looking to make a door buy you do not know how to build a solid wood door, then you are on right place. Here, we will guide you through the process of building door from start to finish. Just go through the steps given below and start your building process:

Collect the Materials

Collecting of quality materials is the first thing while thinking about how to build a solid wood door? When you go for natural materials that protective with temperature and moistures, this construction will allow the door to stay intact in the verity of conditions without using any extra construction product.

Cut and Fit Things Perfectly

The second step is to measure and cut lumber for an outer framed of right inch upright stile pieces. You can use a table saw to cut the wood. The width of each piece should be cut in the same measure. When they fitted together, the rails and stiles must comprise a square of a correct sized door opening.

Make the Inner Frame

It is said that inner framed made of wood should be thick. You can easily build the inner frame thinner but that decrease the insulation. Make it sure that the inner frame of your door is strong. In the next part, connect the top, bottom and side of the internal part with lap joints, screwed and glided.

Go for the Exterior Part

The outer part of the door driving rains out of the inner core so, it must be free to expend and contract with changes in humidity. Pick only best tongue and groove boards for the exterior part of the door. You can lie bade of caulking down the groove of each before nestling it.

Additional Works before Assembling the Door

While making an exterior door, you need to make sure that it is weatherproof. For this, use weatherproof glue, tendons for joinery. Just apply plenty amount of glue to all joints before assembling the door. After that, it’s time to apply the final clamps and click them down and let it dry.

Fit the Panels in Right Place

When the glue dry, remove the clamps and construed the series of rayed panels and fit them between the rails and sails of the exterior door frame. Now, take machined melding to hold the panels in the right place. Take glue, nails and silicone caulking in the wood molding as well as glass panels for the perfect insulation

Protect Your Door from different Weather

To protect your door from hot temperatures and extreme cold weather, there is the need of some preventive steps. You can safe your door after warping and applying a last coat on both sides of the door. Don’t forget to pain your door for long life.

I hope this information will help you in building a nice and suitable door for your home.

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