Cool One Story Residential House With Roof Deck


A simple lifestyle requires only a modest home and minimal needs to achieve happiness. The simplicity of life opens up opportunities for creativity and flexibility. In fact, living small and uncomplicated allows us to take a closer look at what truly matters in our lives and make informed decisions about our needs and wants. With this in mind, Pinoy House Designs offers a stylish one-story residential house with a roof deck, the perfect abode for a family who desires to embrace the essence of simplicity.

  • Porch / Garage
  • Sit out
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Attached T&B – 2 units
  • Bedrooms – 2 units
  • Staircase
  • Roof deck

This stylish one-story residential house with a roof deck requires a floor area of 84 square meters to construct. The design includes a porch and garage connected to a small sitting area. The main door leads from the sitting area to the living room, which is equipped with suitable furniture. One of the bedrooms is situated to the right, while the other is located at a 45-degree angle to the left of the living room. The dining room is directly across from the living room and near the kitchen. The kitchen has the potential for future expansion through the service area. One bathroom is located in one of the bedrooms, while the other is situated under the staircase. The roof deck can be used for various purposes such as a recreational space, a venue for family events or social gatherings.

This house boasts a minimalist exterior appearance. The porch and garage have a distinct flat roof, supported by sturdy columns accented with stacked stones. The all-white paint used for the exterior and ceilings exudes sophistication. Despite its simplicity, white conveys purity and cleanliness, reflecting the house’s image. However, the owner has the option to paint the house in alternative colors such as beige, peach, grey, blue, or a combination that they prefer. Adding slight variations of color, either near or far from white, will make the design more attractive. This house provides an excellent opportunity for creative experimentation, both inside and out.

The small size of this model home means that less materials are required and, as a result, the cost to build is lower, making it more affordable.

For families seeking a simpler lifestyle, this house design is a highly recommended choice as it is more straightforward, economical, and practical.

Image Source: Kerala Home Design

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