Classy 3-Bedroom Single Story Home With Roof Deck

by offers a vast array of house designs to fit the needs and preferences of every family. From single-story homes to modern and contemporary two-story houses, the site has it all. It also features designs with floor plans and stunning interior concepts for families to use as a reference when building or buying a home. Currently, a sophisticated 3-bedroom single story home with a roof deck is being showcased as an example. Owning a house is a valuable possession that represents the status of a household, but it requires financial stability to acquire one. aims to make this dream a reality for all families.

What are the most desirable features in a home? Although cost is a major consideration when building a house, it is not the only factor. For those who have the financial means, they can incorporate the features they desire into their chosen design. That being said, the classy 3-bedroom single story home with a roof deck is sure to be a popular choice.

Picture of Classy 3-bedroom Single Story Home with Roof Deck

This single-story, 3-bedroom home with a roof deck boasts a spacious 107 square meter floor area. The welcoming layout includes the following features:

  • Floor area: 107 m²
  • Porch / garage
  • Sit out
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedrooms – 3 units
  • Toilet – attached – 2 units / Detached – 1 unit
  • L-shaped kitchen with marble counter tops / Storage
  • Work / Service area
  • Staircase
  • Roof deck

Picture of Classy 3-bedroom Single Story Home with Roof Deck

The design includes a porch/garage that connects to the sit-out. From the sit-out, the main door leads to the living room that’s fully furnished. Two bedrooms are located on either side of the living room, with one at a 45-degree angle to the right and the other directly to the left. To maintain some privacy, a partition divides the living and dining rooms, which are positioned directly across from each other. The third bedroom is located to the left of the dining room, and the kitchen is located to the right. Two of the three bathrooms are attached to the bedrooms, while the third is located beneath the staircase to the roof deck. The functional service area is located next to the kitchen. The roof deck serves as a bonus space and can be used for recreational activities, family gatherings, or social events.

The outer appearance appears unassuming but radiates sophistication and refinement. The dimensions of the building are perfectly balanced. The porch and garage are added to the front of the house, enhancing its overall appearance. The gable roof supports the porch, reinforced by columns adorned with black and grey stacked stones. The blend of white and dark grey creates a harmonious appearance, with white being the dominant color complemented by the dark grey roof and window frames. A charming combination. Furthermore, the green landscaping enhances the captivating ambiance when combined with the white and grey.

This house has the potential to be even more sophisticated by experimenting with different color combinations, such as peach, grey, blue, beige, flesh, or a mixture. Try something new and see how the right color scheme can elevate this distinctive design into a more refined and classy home.

Image Source: Kerala Home Design

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