Mind-Boggling Ceiling Design Ideas for Living Room

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The living room is one of the most important places in your room because in this room you welcome your guests. So it’s necessary that your living room must look beautiful to impress a guest.

trending living room design ideas

At this time every person wants to impress others. If you want to impress your neighbor, friend so you have to use the creative ceiling ideas for your living room. When you select the best ceiling for the living room then you have to focus on color, design, texture, types, and many more. You have to select the ceiling design which is suites in your living room.

You can hire any ceiling designer to make your living room more impressive or beautiful. When you hire any designer then make sure they have experience of it. You can ask them about their past work and see their catalogs. If you search on the internet about ceiling design ideas then you will get many results.

New Modern living room Decorating Ideas

In this article, you will know some latest design of the ceiling.  If you don’t know about the latest ceiling design then this article for you. In this article, you will read some latest design that surely you love it. So lets begin:

Rustic wooden ceiling design

This is the first and foremost latest ceiling design. In this design, all the ceiling is designed from wooden. And as we all know wood is the best option and evergreen favorite when we talk about the decoration or interior of the house. However, the furniture of wooden is famous and people like it because of its unique design or interior.

Decorating ceiling with modern wallpaper

This is another best ceiling design ideas for your living room. The times are changing and today many people try this design. In the wallpaper ceiling design, you can find different types of color and design as well. So you can select the design according to your living room’s wall color. This wallpaper ceiling design provides looks like a great mansion or palace.

Light illuminating ceiling design

This is also a unique design for your living room. Light plays a big role in your room. In the light illuminating ceiling design you will find some lights. It depends on you which types of light you want. You can use LED light, twinkle lights, and so on. This ceiling design looks beautiful at night time. However, when the light switched off then the design of the ceiling will capture the attraction of the guest.

The exuberant appeal of ceiling tiles

The tiles are the best option rather than the white roof. In this ceiling design, you can find different types of tiles like acoustic tiles, suspended tiles and many more. So in this design, you have so many options to provide good looks of your living room. You can select the color of the tile according to your living room walls. You can choose the pop color that provides your living room more attractive.

So select the best one which provides the antique look of your living room and impress others. Following are the different types ceiling designs.

  • Tray ceiling
  • Coved ceiling
  • Beam ceiling
  • Conventional ceiling
  • Cove ceiling

False Ceiling Price List (per sqft)

we are provide the all type false ceiling work as per below with rate list

1) Grid false ceiling- 50-70/- sqft

2) Gypsum false ceiling- 60-80/- sqft

3) Pop false ceiling – 90-110/- sqft

4) Gypsum partition- 90-120/- sqft

5) Pop paining work- 20-40/- sqft

Gypsum Ceiling =60–80Rs. Per sqft & POP false ceiling 140–170 Rs per Sqft


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