Basics of Building, Modular Wardrobe Dimensions


Wardrobe cabinets are similar to closets. The difference being that closets are built into the wall. Wardrobe cabinets are external. Sometimes referred to as an armorer, wardrobe cabinets are added to bedrooms or anywhere extra storage is needed for clothing. Other items such as linens, towels, shoes and coats can be stored in this type of cabinet. Basic wardrobe cabinets are simple, with options for doors, drawers or open shelves.


Wardrobe cabinets are considered freestanding. This means they support their own weight even though they can be screwed to a wall if needed. They have two end jambs, with dividers in the middle or wherever needed according to the design. Three-quarter-inch hardwood plywood typically is used; it’s strong, finishes smooth and looks nice.

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