Airy and Bright Two-Storey House, Full Function With Wide Balcony


One benefit of a two-story house is the opportunity to maximize the available space. Building upward allows for additional living areas, even on a small lot.

This is especially advantageous for suburbs located near the city, where plots of land are generally small and larger ones (if available) tend to be expensive.

Conversely, there are advantages to constructing a two-story house on a larger lot.

Naturally, this maximizes the living space, but it is also a smart approach to expand the area for a backyard, garden, swimming pool, driveway, or other exterior features that you intend to incorporate into your home.

Continuing the concept of maximizing space utilization, constructing additional floors will increase the square footage of your house, regardless of the size of the lot.

Without a doubt, a two-story house will offer an elevated view regardless of its location.

A view is a view, whether it’s of the beach, hills, or neighboring properties in the distance.

Installing extra windows on the upper floor can increase the amount of natural light that enters your home, leading to lower electricity bills during sunnier months.

Credit: ABC Concept Design and Build

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