43 Best Floor Drain Design Ideas for an Attractive Bathroom

by AmazingHomes.net

The bathroom floor drain is a crucial part of your bathroom. Imagining a bathroom without a drain will give you an idea of its importance.

In that case, you must dry out your bathroom by mopping all the water yourself. That would be time-consuming and frustrating.

When you are planning a shower project for your home or rental property, one decision that seems small but is actually important revolves around what drain to use in the shower.

There are more shower drains available than you can count, but they all really fall into two types – point drains and linear drains.

Point drains are most common and are what we are used to seeing in showers. They are typically located in the middle of the shower floor, and the floor is sloped from all directions down to the drain.

The shower floor is really a gently sloped funnel that directs all of the water into this drain. One tip is to look for a square drain grate, as opposed to a round one.

Tiles are square, so your shower floor will look better with a square drain, and the installer won’t have to try to make round cuts on square tile.

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