35 Trendy Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

by AmazingHomes.net

Gray is an understated neutral color that is timeless and classic for a reason. Easy on the eyes, it is versatile enough to work with virtually any design style, from traditional to industrial to contemporary.

Gray can be warm, cool, light, or dark. Depending on the tone and shade you choose, gray can fade into the background or set the mood.

Using gray paint for a primary bathroom or a powder room can create an elegant, calming feel.

But you can also mix and match flooring, backsplash and shower tiles, and textiles such as rugs and towels in fun and unexpected ways to create a lively gray-toned space.

Gray is a timeless color for a bathroom design that many people consider easy to match with their overall home aesthetic.

Gray bathrooms tend to have a modern and sophisticated feel that can be easily styled with accessories, especially white, black and metals.

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