30 Front Step Ideas to Up Your Homes Curb Appeal

by AmazingHomes.net

Are you looking to replace your old front doorsteps and need some inspiration? Here are front door step ideas for you to choose from with options on block paving steps, patio doorsteps, back doorsteps, front doorsteps and more.

When you are building a new step, there are 3 common styled doorsteps to choose from. The choice can vary depending on the style you would like but also the design of the step.

For example, multiple tiered steps will have to be retained with edging kerbs, brickwork or similar whereas a small singular or double door step requires nearly no retaining at all.

Front door steps can be built with bricks. block paving, concrete, natural stone or wood.

Most commonly, they are a single or double step with enough space left on each step to allow enough space for a foot to stand on it at each level.

The highest step is generally infilled with a matching surface to the rest of the driveway area. Shape wise, the most common types are rectangular or semicircular.

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