30 Door & Window Grill Design Ideas That Provide Home Safety, Ventilation and Beauty

by AmazingHomes.net

Do you dream of having big, bold windows to channel in glorious natural light, but also have security concerns? If so, then this guide is for you!

Several homeowners across the globe dream of a residence with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that enhance spatial aesthetics, but often safety concerns hold them back, especially if they live on the ground or any of the lower floors.

Exterior windows can both be a boon and a curse given their vulnerability for unwanted intrusions. Does this mean modern homes go windowless or reduce the number and size of windows that award spaces with modernity and functionality?

Not at all! Rather than compromising on the quality and design of fenestration, use elegantly designed durable metallic grills right behind your gorgeous windows.

The most apparent advantage of getting window grills is the unmatched safety they provide. Ensuring the security of your household without compromising on the type of window design is a guarantee with these structures.

Even though modern advancements in glass technology have made this material far more robust, it still can’t beat the security offered by metallic grills.

If you live on one of the higher floors in an apartment building, you perhaps can do without metallic grills, but with a dwelling on the ground floor or one of the lower storeys, these structures are a must.

You can also get grills in numerous finishes to fit into any style of window. From ornate grills painted bronze for arches and transoms, to unicolour straight grills for your French windows, the choices are endless.

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